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What is intuition?


Once again, Einstein got it right!

In simplest terms, intuition is a knowing of information you have no rational way of knowing.  It cannot be measured or scientifically proven.   It is not an earthly gift, like a body, it is a spiritual gift intended to guide us throughout our lives.  Sadly, too many people don’t believe in intuition and even more don’t trust in it.

My spirit guides speak to me through my intuition, and this is how YOUR spirit guides speak to you, as well.  For them, it’s a direct portal to your thinking mind.

Some people confuse imagination with intuition and it’s no wonder since our spirit guides can communicate with us by utilizing both.   But imagination is a concrete thought.  It takes effort to imagine things.  When I ask you to “imagine” something, I’m asking you to use your focus and energy.  We use our imagination when we create things like art, stories and music.  And spirits can plant information for us here, and often do.

Intuition, however, does not utilize our focus or our energy.  In fact,  we need to “unfocus” and relax to best tune into our intuition.  Intuition is a message being sent to us.  We are merely receiving a thought of someone else’s, not creating it.  Who sends these messages?  Spirit guides, our higher selves, God – perhaps a loved one who passed on.

Would you want to miss or ignore a message being sent to you from a source such as this?  Of course not.  But often, we ignore our intuition and assume the thought/message is just a worry, anxiety or overactive imagination.

The more you use your intuition, the greater your ability to receive messages from the spirit world.  The greater your ability to receive messages, the stronger your psychic abilities become.

When I perform spiritual card readings, I lead with my intuition.  Every card has several meanings and my intuition is what allows me to know which meaning is specific to my client, at this point and time.  My intuition lets me know when to stop shuffling the cards.  I trust my guides to speak to me in this way.

You can trust your intuition too.  When you receive an intuitive thought, listen.  If the thought wants you to do something, such as pay someone a compliment, or cross the street, comply.  This is what it means to trust your intuition and let it lead you.  And don’t worry, your intuition would never ask you to do something that was not in line with divine love and for the highest good of all.

Intuition is meant to help you and those around you find the love, protection and happiness you seek.  It’s a communication portal.  It’s how your departed loved ones send you messages of love.  It’s how your spirit guides guide you.  And it’s how your guardian angels guard you.

March 15, 2017

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