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Reiki Energy Services

Reiki Service Investment (for both in-person and long distance) /

75 Minute Session (60 minutes of Reiki, 15 minutes of discussion)

$75 (Initial treatment)

60 Minute Session (45 minutes of Reiki, 15 minutes of discussion)


45 Minute Session (30 minutes of Reiki, 15 minute of discussion)


20 Minute Past/Future healing session (done remotely)


Traveling fee (I will travel to visit patients in nearby hospitals)


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing energy and  it is one of our world’s most precious and valuable resources.  It has the power to affect our health and improve our state of well-being.  This type of healing energy has been given to us, to help us walk through life, just as we have been given other natural energy resources like water and air.  In fact, we are already accessing spiritual energy, whether we know it or not.

Reiki is a nurturing, safe and holistic treatment that reduces stress and promotes healing of the body, mind and spirit.  There is a life force energy that flows through each of us and if this energy is blocked or low, then we are more likely to get sick and stay sick.  Reiki has the ability to clear blockages in our energy field thereby allowing our bodies to heal naturally and bring us to our greatest state of well-being.

As a Reiki practitioner, I act as a channel for this magnificent and nurturing energy.  Much like a magnifying glass concentrates the sun’s energy on one specific spot, I help concentrate Reiki energy on you – more specifically, your chakra centers – so that any blockages that exist in your energy field can be released.

Many prestigious and reputable hospitals now offer Reiki as a complementary and alternative medical treatment to their patients, including Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Yale-New Haven Hospital, to name a few.

This loving, positive energy is an amazing gift given to us by the Universe… we should use it!

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Every living thing, of any age, can benefit from Reiki.  Reiki can never cause harm.  Among the benefits of Reiki include the following:

  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Helps the body release stress and toxins
  • Helps clear and focus the mind
  • Accelerates the body’s natural self-healing ability
  • Assists with spiritual growth and release of emotion
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Aids with sleep
  • Helps relieve chronic pain
  • Assists with pain and stress of childbirth
  • Assists with pain and stress of chemotherapy
  • Helps reduce side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and Rx meds
  • Promotes creativity
  • Compliments medical treatment
  • Assists animals/pets with pain and healing
  • Helps plants grow and thrive
  • Helps energetically cleanse a house, space or object

Reiki should never take the place of receiving licensed professional medical care but rather be utilized as a complementary care.

Reiki can be received while you are laying on a massage table or sitting in a chair, fully clothed.   A session typically lasts 60 minutes with the practitioner gently laying hands on you or directly above you, transmitting natural healing energy.  Many people report the sensation of warmth, relaxation and serenity flowing through and around them while receiving a treatment.  It is also not uncommon to fall asleep during a session.

During a Reiki session I can often sense where a person is out of balance and I will relay any helpful information I receive to you.

It depends on you and your needs, however generally speaking, it is recommended that people receive three sessions, a week apart, for optimal results and then a “tune-up” treatment one month later.  However, you will also reap benefits from receiving a single session.

It doesn’t matter.  Reiki works whether you believe in it or not.

  • Yes, Reiki can be received long distance.
  • Because spiritual energy is not bound by space or time, it can be sent anywhere in the world, to anyone, at any time.  I can send it from North Carolina to someone in California and it will be received just as effectively as if the person were sitting in front of me.
  • I will speak to you beforehand to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct the session (phone or Skype).  Then we will speak before the session begins to discuss intentions and needs and directly after the session to go over feedback or ask any questions.  During the session, you can simply lay down or be seated somewhere you will be comfortable and undisturbed for the length of the session.
  • Please contact me for more information on this service.

Yes!  Reiki energy can be sent to the past or future.  If you’re nervous about an upcoming meeting or interview, Reiki energy can be sent to that moment in time, so the energy is there to assist you.  If you find yourself troubled by a past trauma, Reiki energy can be sent to that past moment in time when you were hurt and help heal the root problem that you are still reacting to.

Yes, Reiki is just as effective and helpful to pets as it is to their humans.  They can benefit tremendously from this loving energy physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I personally have a very strong connection to animals and their journey in this world and consider it a joy and honor to bring them this healing energy.

Though Reiki is an amazing tool to facilitate healing, we all transition to the light eventually.  Due to my connection and love of all animals, I also offer energy services for pets who are facing euthanization to help ease their transition before and during the medical process.

Archangelic Light

Archangelic Light  is a spiritual energy healing modality that has its roots in Arcing Radial Light(C).  This loving and powerful yet subtle energy promotes healing at the root of an issue whether it is emotional, spiritual or physical.  Nothing can stop it from heading straight to the source, even if you are unaware of the source yourself (ie:  you may have come for a treatment on your knee, when really you have a problem with depression you have not yet identified).  This specific energy is gifted to us by the archangels, in association with the Divine Feminine, with the practitioner acting as the conduit.  When I work with this energy, I always feel the presence of angels in the room.

Before receiving the energy, it is helpful to set an intention or affirmation (either silently or with my assistance).   In this way, you are letting the angels know what you want and you’re preparing yourself to receive it.  As with Reiki, you can lie on a massage table or sit in a chair, fully clothed, while receiving a treatment.  I will connect to the Archangelic Light energy and then work in your energy field directly above your body.  Some people feel temperature changes or see flashing visions or colors while receiving this energy, and you may experience some emotion.  On the other hand, some people experience no sensations or emotions at all.  The energy is working, regardless.

I often call on this energy when performing Reiki sessions.  I especially like using this energy with children because it is so calming and soothing.

Archangelic Light should never take the place of receiving licensed professional medical care but rather be utilized as a complementary care.

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