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Personalized Intention Reiki Crystal

$19.99 $13.99

A crystal infused with powerful and loving Reiki healing energy and a customized intention tailored specifically for you.



Crystal Options:

Rose Quartz
Jasper (red or orange)

I will hand select one powerful crystal for you from the above options, based on your intention and my intuition. I will craft the perfect intention to set in the crystal once I receive your feedback and infuse both the crystal and intention together using Reiki healing energy.  I will spend no less than 15 minutes infusing each stone, which will make the crystal a powerful tool in your journey.  I will then loving wrap and mail your new crystal to your home.  Keep your crystal with you, remain focused on your intention, and your crystal’s energy will work its magic!

Once you’ve made your purchase, please just email me at and let me know what intention you would like me to set in the stone.  I will handle the rest!

Samples of Intentions:

  • Bring love into my life
  • Keep me peaceful
  • Bring me protection
  • Help me to be healthy
  • Bring me prosperity

Also a perfect gift for that someone who has everything!

Detailed Description:  The crystal will be approximately the size of a quarter or nickle (small enough to carry with you in your pocket).  15 minutes of Reiki energy is usually a $20 charge.  Crystals have powerful energy on their own, that lasts a lifetime.  Though I will set the intention with Reiki to last a lifetime, it is reasonable to believe the reiki will slowly start losing its most powerful affects after 6 months time.  The crystal, however, never will!  Shipping and handling is included in the product price of 19.99.  I ship anywhere in the U.S.


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