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eCourse From Master Astrologer Joan Kilgen

With over 40 years of experience, Author/Teacher/Astrologer Joan Kilgen has re-released her popular 10 week course "Welcome to the World of Astrology"

Our Courses

Our Services

Astrological readings offered by Joan; including natal charts, compatibility charts, and yearly progressions…

Intuitive readings using various psychic methods, by Jenny…

Receive the beautiful, healing energy of Reiki, by Jenny…

Our Testimonials

I highly recommend Joan. She has been doing my astrology chart for 27 years now. Joan is so accurate in her readings and such a warm and caring woman.
Marie C.
Joan's classes are an experience of enlightenment, and unfoldment on many levels. Get ready for perception on many levels.
Maria F.
Fellow Practioner
I love getting my reading from Jenny. She is always compassionate, insightful and very helpful.

“We were given gifts at birth, let’s learn what they are and how to best use them

We offer courses, services and products to help you get the most out of your spiritual life 

Jenny Kilgen

Reiki Master/Teacher

Joan Kilgen


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    What Is Intuition

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    What is intuition? Once again, Einstein got it right! In simplest terms, intuition is a...

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